How to Get Melbourne

Flight Information

There are plenty of international direct flights from major cities in the world to Melbourne: North America (New York, Los Angeles) Asia (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, etc) Middle East (Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi) Europe (via any Asian cities) South Africa, South America

Melbourne Airport is located in Tullamarine, a suburb 20 km north of city centre. All international flights arrive at Terminal 2 of the airport. Terminals 1 and 3 are domestic terminals. All terminals are next to each other and are within walking distance. Information centres are located in all terminals, should you need more information regarding hotels and transportation.

The airport serves by a range of transportation services, such as taxis or airport bus (SkyBus). The buses to the city centre run frequently 24/7 and cost a lot cheaper than Taxis, which can cost between AUD$60 – AUD$80. You can purchase the bus tickets online or on site. Rental cars are also available from the airport.


Local Transport

Getting around the central of Melbourne city is easy. The two main types of transports are train and tram. Trains run underground in the central of Melbourne while trams run on roads. For comprehensive information on routes, maps, schedule and fares, please visit the Public Transport Victoria Website.

There is a free tram service in the city centre called the City Circle, no 35. It runs in a circle in both directions along Harbor Esplanade, Latrobe St, Spring St and Flinders St. The stop on the corner of La Trobe St and Queen St is only 2 blocks away from conference venue.

You need to purchase a Myki card, which is a touch-based ticketing system. You can buy these at the train stations, 7-Eleven stores, or online through the Public Transport Victoria Website. The way fares are calculated on the ticket systems is based on time, for example 2-hours, 1-day or 7-days ticket. Within the prescribed time, the same ticket can be used for unlimited rides on trains, trams and buses.